Friday, August 15, 2008

HAMILTON GRANGE: Restoration Update August 2008

Hamilton Grange National Memorial was sited over its new foundation on June
27, 2008. Since that time, the contractor has repaired the timber support
sills, girts and floor joists. In addition, the exterior and interior
masonry block foundation walls have been constructed up to the underside of
the timber support framing in all locations except where steel I-beams and
support cribbing/blocking remain.

During the week of August 4, Wolfe House & Building Movers will return to
St. Nicholas Park to remove the last of the I-beams and cribbing. The
contractor will then be able to finish the masonry block foundation. This
is a major milestone for the Grange as work on site utilities and drainage
can be completed. With all these pieces in place, the exterior restoration
of the home can then begin.

The past four weeks have also seen the replacement of street lights on
Convent Avenue and 141st Street as well as the final cleanup of the Convent
Avenue site. Over the next two weeks the National Park Service hopes to
complete the interim treatment for the Convent Avenue site. The interim
treatment includes site grading and seeding in addition to the replacement
of the iron fence and gate in the front and rear of the property.

The masonry block foundation has been constructed up to the timber support
framing of Hamilton Grange.

The Convent Avenue site where Hamilton Grange once stood has been cleared
of debris and will be graded and seeded in the coming weeks.

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