Monday, August 11, 2008

Friends Monthly Meeting Wednesday, August 13th at 7pm

Meeting date change

The Friends of St. Nicholas Park are holding our monthly meeting this Wednesday, August 13th at 7pm at St. Mark's Church. St. Mark's Church is located at 55 Edgecombe Avenue at the intersection of 137th Street, Edgecombe and St. Nicholas Avenues. This month our meeting is on Wednesday because of the Diggers Delight event on Tuesday August 12th.

Please spread the word and bring a friend or two! Some of our new events this year include the possibility of hosting an art fair. We are still looking for volunteers to help with positions within the group.

Events Promoter: someone to volunteer to hang posters in local stores, recreation centers and our park’s bulletin boards to help us promote our events and meetings.

Flyer/Advertising Designer: The Friends have an opportunity to create ads and printed posters for our events. Unfortunately, we need a designer with some time to help us in this endeavor.

Event Volunteers: For our events, we need help in promoting the park to event attendees as well as gathering email addresses for our mailing lists.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please contact us at

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