Monday, August 04, 2008

Former New York City Councilman Stanley Michels Has Passed

Dear Friends:

I have very sad news to report.

Former New York City Councilman Stanley Michels passed away this morning at the age of 75 after having quietly battled cancer for two years.

He served as Councilman for a very large section of Northern Manhattan, from Harlem to Inwood, for 24 years, until terms limits caused him to end his tenure in 2001. (I'm not alone in thinking that were it not for term limits he'd still be there!)

Because he had been out of the Council for about seven years now, many may not realize what a path he forged since the 1970s to protect and reinvigorate the city's Parks for all of our enjoyment. He was also a tireless advocate for affordable housing, and toward the end of his tenure in the Council began to become more involved in animal issues, including the "Pets In Housing" bill.

I was honored to have worked for him for several years toward the end of his distinguished career, and I can tell you, at least from my seat as the Appointment Scheduler, that he was truly the last of his breed, a hands-on Councilman who would answer his own phone (both in the office and at home) and who truly cared about every one of his constituents.

Here is an article just posted by The Observer on Stanley's passing.

Whatever your affiliation, I hope I can ask you to please keep Stanley as well as his family in your prayers, including Molly, whom he affectionately referred to as his "bride of 48 years", his three children, and grandchildren.

Diane West
New York Tails Magazine

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