Saturday, June 30, 2007

Volunteers Help Maintain Dog Park's Success During Woodchip Workday

Today, we had over 15 volunteers dig in and help spread woodchips, fix fencing and fill in holes at our St. Nick's Dog Park. Thank you to all who participated. For those of you who could not make it, please check out our improved run. Most of the grounds are now covered in fresh chips and we also landscaped around the Dog Park's perimeter. The whole dog park looks great.

Special thanks to New York City Parks Department and their dedicated staff , including Park Manager Paul Evans and Gardener Scott Farrington, who helped provide the tools and support for this volunteer event. Without their help this couldn't happen.

Below are more photos of today's events.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Keeping our dogs healthy

Fellow dog owners,
After hearing of dogs becoming sick, I wanted to get
to the source of what is possibly causing this. After
consulting with several other dog parks who use wood
chips, they (the wood chips) are not the cause of the problem.
Unfortunately, the probable cause is the water
dish and standing water in it. Since we do not
have running water, the water bowl will be removed.
Please bring your own water receptacle as well as
water. We are not scheduled to get a waterline until
2008...but with all parks projects, please don't hold
me to it...we are at the mercy of the capital projects
of the Parks Department.
Also, another probable cause is dog waste. Everyone
has been doing a great job picking up their pets
waste, I hope garbage pick up will be a more constant
Please note that diseases like Coccidia and Giardia
are commonly spread in the dog population like the flu
virus. Younger dogs will tend to fight this off and
build immunity to it. Older ones who have a stronger
immune system fight it off naturally. It's commonly
spread by fecal matter. Using lyme to sanitize the
run really doesn't prevent this. Certain dog parks
turn the soil on a yearly basis...the PH balance in
the soil will naturally kill any bacteria. Since our
run is on a slope, we certainly don't need to worry
about standing water.
Please continue to be diligent in picking up after
your dogs and pointing out when others aren't paying
attention to pick up after their dogs. Please let's
keep our dog park looking nice and try to do all we
can to help keep our pets safe and healthy.
Also, since I am on the subject of dog is
advised to wash and clean your dogs food and water
bowls at home as well...after all don't we all wash
our dishes we eat off of?? I'm sure our pets deserve
the best treatment we can provide them.
Best always,
Shawn & Axel

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dog Run Woodchip Workday this Saturday June 30th


We are scheduling a woodchip workday this Saturday, June 30th from 10am to 2pm.
Our woodchips in the run are dirty and need replenishing for the Summer. We will be transferring woodchips to the run and filling up doggie dug holes.

Your help is greatly needed and appreciated.

If you have a pair of work gloves please bring them. We will have some
available to those who don't. Also, we will have bottled water and
coffee for everyone.

It is usually better to come to the workday after you walk your dog.
Dogs demand attention while in the dog run, and the workday will be
more enjoyable if you can leave your dog in the comfort of his home.
Of course, we understand if this is not possible and appreciate any
help you can lend.

Information on this woodchip workday is below:

St. Nick's Dog Park
Woodchip Workday
Saturday, June 30th

At St. Nick's Dog Park
between 136th and 135th streets in the middle of the park

For more information visit our website at or
our blog at

Thanks everyone for making this dog park one of the city's best!

Friends of St. Nicholas Park

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Historic Harlem Parks Announce Calendar of Events for Summer-Fall 2007

Partnership for Parks has published an events calendar listing all the Summer and Fall events for 2007 at the various Historic Harlem Parks. The events takes place in one of the four Historic Harlem parks - Jackie Robinson Park, Marcus Garvey Park, Morningside Park, and our very own St. Nicholas Park.

Click here to download a PDF version of the calendar to save to your computer or print out.
(requires Adobe reader 7.0 or higher)

Friday, June 08, 2007

Monthly Meeting this Tues June 12th at 7pm

Dear Friends,

A reminder to let you know we are meeting for our regular
monthly meeting this Tuesday evening (June 12th) at 7pm. The meeting
will be located at the Harlem Visitor's and Community Resource Center. The center is on the first floor at West 502 142nd street (between
Amsterdam and Hamilton Place)

Please come with any ideas you have for our events, questions about our organization and please feel free to bring a friend and spread the word. Below is a rough agenda we'll be discussing.

1. Garbage problems in the park
2. Increasing our membership
3. Fundraising activities
4. Capital Projects Update

Thanks and see you Tuesday evening! If you have any questions please
email us at

Friends of St. Nicholas Park

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Harlem River Club Free Event This Saturday

The Harlem River Boat Club will be hosting a free Learn How to Row event this Saturday from Saturday, June 9th from 11-am-3pm at the Dyckman Landing on 200th street and the Hudson River.

Download the PDF below for more information.

Event Flyer

Event Press Release

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hike the Heights 3: Giraffe Path June 16th

Saturday, June 16th: THE GIRAFFES ARE COMING!

Join us on a city safari from St. Nicholas Park to Highbridge Park. This will be about 2 miles of easy-paced hiking, plus some short staircases, and one long one--110 steps--at 155th street. Dozens of Giraffes made by local kids will mark the way.

Start @ 10:00 AM: Welcome, gathering, and sign-in at the picnic tables located at 141st street and St. Nicholas Ave, where we'll have refreshments and thank you gifts.

Hike @ 10:30 AM: We'll hike through the park, and along tree-lined streets to Jackie Robinson Park We'll pause briefly at a local landmark and the park and continue to Highbridge Park.

Arrive @ 11:30: We’ll join other hikers at the Highbridge Recreation Center/Water Tower for music, yoga, Pilates, games, crafts and activities for kids, off-the beaten path hiking, great food and more.

Safe and fun: This hiking safari will be led by certified fitness instructors and a park ranger, and may include some surprises!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Fundraising for the four Historic Harlem Parks

You are invited to join a group of people from each of the four Historic Harlem Parks to discuss a joint fund raising and outreach effort. The Historic Harlem Parks include Jackie Robinson Park, Marcus Garvey Park, Morningside Park and St. Nicholas Park.

Meet with development professionals to learn how park groups can:
• Apply jointly for grants and increase their fund raising capacity
• Unite to approach businesses for sponsorship
• Request in-kind assistance from community organizations that work across Harlem

Meeting Date: June 13
Time: 7 pm
Location: Pelham Fritz Recreation Center in Marcus Garvey Park @ West 122nd Street and Mount Morris Park West

Subway directions: 2 or 3 train to 125th Street, walk three blocks south to 122nd Street and two blocks east to Mount Morris Park West

Hope to see you there!
Becky Scott

Saturday, June 02, 2007

First Official "Coffee Bark" A Success!

This morning there was a big turn out for our first Coffee Bark at St. Nick's Dog Park. Below are some pictures of the event. we hope the event can help increase interest in the Friends of St. Nicholas Park Monthly Meetings which take place on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

The next Coffee Bark is schedule for July 7th (held on the first Saturday of every month). The group needs volunteers to help out with organizing and getting local businesses on board to sponsor this event. If you would like to help please contact the Friends at

Thanks to all those who helped out by bringing goodies, lending tables and coffee for the event!