Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Abandoned Dog Needs a Home!

Dear Friends,

This email came in from Yasmin (Nina's Mom). A nice female pit bull mix pup was found and needs a home. Details and more photos below:

From Yasmin Lauz

I found this dog this morning and I had to turn her in to ACC. (Database record can be found here online) or go to and look up dogs that were found yesterday. She is listed.

If anyone is interested they have 72 hours in the lost and found. And then depending on how many dogs are there and if they cant get a rescue to take them they may euthanasia within 3 days. She has had a litter maybe a couple of months ago. She is no longer lactating though so maybe they'll be kinder to her.

I or should I say my dog found her in Jackie Robinson in the bushes right by the gates by the hand ball court rolled up in a small ball and shivering. She could barely walk she was shivering from the cold.I brought her in to ACC cause I couldn't leave her at home. She seems to be gentle and wanted to sniff with my dog Nina but Nina was nervous around her so I can't take her. She is a medium sized dog, extremely emaciated. She was very gentle with my dog, when I fed her she ate from my hand. I put down a food bowl and when I took it from her there was no food guarding issue. I wiped her down and cleaned her feet and there was no issue touching her in any way. And the male worker at the ACC had no issue picking her up or putting a leash on her. She seems confused but she began to relax when I brought her home. She didn't do her business in my apartment this morning either so she may be housetrained.

I fed her and gave her some water and warmed her up some before I brought her to ACC . I've been trying to contact Stray from the heart. Posh pet rescue and animal haven to see if they can pull her. Posh pets responded right away they keep a look out for her. If anyone can foster posh pets will pull her. I gave north shore a call and they were going to forward the info to whoever is in charge of adoption area I also left a message and emailed animal haven. Bide a wee NY is full but their wantagh shelter will be going there this week but no one is answering their phones. Most likely she'll get kennel cough for being there.

They tested her at ACC and I'm enclosing the listing. They said she is timid, and nervous but otherwise there are no behavior issues she is 35LBS she should be 50lBS. They haven't tested her with other dogs but they don't think that it may be an issue since she didn't react to any of the other dogs there and she did well with my dog . She does have a Mange and they are treating her for it its on her forehead she may have been scratching that may account for some of the scratches.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Wintry Grange

Another Photo of the Grange in winter. Expected to open in Fall of this year, the Grange will be landscaped with plantings and trees which were found on Hamilton's original estate. If you are interested in volunteering with the Friends or have an idea for an event at the Grange (concert, lecture series, etc.) please contact us at

The Veiled Grange

After last night's snow showers, the Hamilton Grange's veil is more defined. The Grange, under going renovations, should be opened to the public in the Fall of this year.

Snowy Day in St. Nick's Dog Run

St. Nick's Dog Run
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The dog run was crowded today with a few people and dogs enjoying the little snow the area received overnight.