Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hamilton Grange Update - GRANGE READY TO ROLL

Dear Friends,

This email update was from Darren Bock of the National Parks Service:

Hamilton Grange National Memorial is ready to roll! On Monday, June 2, Alexander Hamilton's "sweet project" was lowered onto nine dollies for the final leg of its journey to its new home in St. Nicholas Park (see photo above). The massive dollies, which have eight wheels each, will allow the 298-ton Grange to be "driven," utilizing the best of house moving
technology, from its current position on Convent Avenue to its new home in the northwest corner of St. Nicholas Park.

The move is scheduled to begin this Saturday, June 7 at approximately 7:30 am. At about 9:30 am it will make the turn off Convent Avenue and onto W 141st Street and then make the turn into St. Nicholas Park sometime around noon. Once again, all times are subject to change.

If you wish to see the Grange move for yourself, a number of public viewing areas will give you the opportunity:

  1. W 141st Street between Amsterdam and Convent Avenue;
  2. Convent Avenue from W 141st to W 140th;
  3. the south end of Hamilton Terrace; and
  4. on W 140th overlooking the northwest corner of St. Nicholas Park.

A number of streets will be closed to vehicles that day, so plan accordingly. W 141st Street from Amsterdam to S. Nicholas Avenue, Convent Avenue from Hamilton Terrace to W 135th Street, and Hamilton Terrace will all be closed Saturday.

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Katie K said...

When will it be set on its foundation?