Monday, June 02, 2008

The Hamilton Grange moves into St. Nicholas Park, this Saturday beginning 7am!

Come watch the Hamilton Grange on its historic journey into St. Nicholas Park! The house will begin at 7am on Convent Ave, turn down the hill at 141st St, and make its way into the park at approximately 1pm. Viewing areas will be set up on W 141st St west of Convent Ave and between Hamilton Terrace and St. Nicholas Ave.

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Anonymous said...

Moving "The Grange" to St. Nicholas Park is a brilliant move which will finally do justice to this under-appreciated national monument. Less brilliant is the plan to set it on a sidelined sliver of the park just because it happened to once belong to Hamilton's estate, forcing the house to face northeast (rather than the original southwest) to get a view. In the long run, nobody is going to care what land did or did not belong to the estate, only how the mansion commands and enhances St. Nicholas Park.

The mansion should be set, centered and uncramped, on a rise where it looks best. And it should absolutely face southwest, allowing the sun to advance through the rooms as the architect intended. Those compelled to designate the bit of park which actually belonged to Hamilton can place on it the visitors' parking lot, which requires neither view nor orientation to natural light.