Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hamilton Grange Completes Final Leg; moves onto Foundation

Photo 1
Photo 2

Dear Friends,

We received this latest information about the Hamilton Grange from Darren Boch, Public Affairs Officer, National Parks of New York Harbor.

Today Hamilton Grange National Memorial completed the final leg of its historic journey to its new home in St. Nicholas Park. The Grange was moved a short distance from where its been sitting since June 7 (photo 1) to its permanent location (photo 2). Over the course of the next few weeks, the foundation will be built up to the Grange and the process of restoring the memorial to its former splendor will be well under way. For further information, please visit

The Hamilton Grange will undergo almost a year and a half renovation, restoring it to its former glory. Also, new landscaping will be developed around this National Monument. The Grange is expected to be opened to the public in Fall 2009.

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