Saturday, May 17, 2008

Plum trees planted and fence painted during It's My Park! Day

A light, but hard-working group of volunteers arrived on Saturday for It's My Park Day. Three new plum trees were planted near the upper path of the park near the Great Lawn. This area was recently home to the Park's oldest tree - a tree estimated to be almost 150 years old. Unfortunately, a strong storm last month toppled the large tree leaving a huge vacant area. It has now received 3 beautiful full plums to take its place.

Also, some of our volunteers continued the iron fence painting project along St. Nicholas Terrace. We'll continue to use volunteer opportunities like today to finish to fencing which extends all the way to 141st street (the fence is currently painted to 137th-138th Street).

Thanks to all our volunteers and thanks to our great gardener Scott Farrington, whose hard work and vision allows us to have such a wonderful park.

Pictures of the day are below.

Carol poses with one of the new plum trees

A little helper goes a long way!

Valerie and Laura paint the terrace fencing through very tough winds

Josh, Scott, and Mike finish the job of planting the large plum trees!


Anonymous said...

You guys are doing amazing work in that park. I remember when I first moved to Harlem I wouldn't even walk on the same side of the street at the park. Now I will spend a nice spring day enjoying the beauty and hilltop views.

William_Guffman said...

Thanks for the comment and your support. Although there is still work to be done we truly believe this area is one of the most beautiful in all New York.