Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hamilton Grange Move Update: Grange Rolled Out To Convent Avenue

Dear Friends,

The Hamilton Grange began its journey to St. Nicholas Park yesterday. Below is an update from Darren Bock, Public Affairs Official at the National Parks Service.

Hamilton Grange National Monument yesterday made a big step forward on its historic journey to St. Nicholas Park. The Grange was rolled over a special railing system onto Convent Avenue. Wolfe House & Building Movers of Pennsylvania then began the process of lowering the house from 38 feet in the air back down to street level at about 3 p.m. The lowering of the home is expected to take two days, after which it will be placed on dollies for the move down 141st Street and into St. Nicholas Park on Saturday, June 7.

The Friends of St. Nicholas Park will be updating our blog with more information in the coming weeks, informing the community of road closures and other events associated with the move into our park.

Below is a montage of shots showing progression of the house being slowly lifted to a height for it to make it over the Church's arch.


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