Saturday, November 17, 2007

Monthly Meeting Minutes from Tuesday, November 13th

Below are notes from our monthly meeting last week. The Friends of St. Nicholas Park hold their monthly membership meetings on the Second Tuesday of every month at the St. Mark's United Methodist Church at 55 Edgecombe Avenue. Please email us at if you have any questions or would like to volunteer for our events.

Monthly Meeting Tuesday, November 13th


Maxine Billingsley
Arlene Wilcox
Judy Williams
Laura Iorio
William Mullin
Risa Rottenberg
Ronald Guy
Sarah Fort
Jehanne Catalano

Tree Lighting

- Tree lighting is Thursday, December 6th from 5:30-7pm.
- Laura and Josh (who wasn't at the meeting) have offered to come to the church to prepare the hot chocolate and apple cider in the church's kitchen before the event. It was agree that they should meet around 4:30/5pm at the church.
- Info from Julia about donations from Make My Cake last year - cookies may be needed for event.
- Shawn's secret recipe for the hot chocolate. William to ask for this.
- William will ask Diva Goodfriend for use of her table at the event.
- Arlene and Maxine said they might be able to help out for the event. They will let the group know when we get closer to the event.
- Harv said he could bring a few of his kids to the event to help out.
- We discussed confirmation from HSA about student brass instrument performers for the tree lighting. Jehanne will follow-up on William's request.
- Risa mentioned the Afro-Cuban jazz band and the possibility of their playing at the event. Risa to follow-up with contact and let them know that it would be a 30 minute set.
- Ron Guy will try to engage some of the brass players in the church who have been featured in concerts at the church before.
- Sarah will check with parks about a microphone and amplifier for the event. She notes that this may need a special sound permit from the Police Precinct.
- Sarah will also check on a ceremonial switch so the lighting of the tree can be a special moment within the event.
- Sarah noted that event needs to take place in the plaza since the permit covers an event only in the park not on the sidewalks. Lighting has been difficult in previous years and group brainstormed on ideas to bring more light to the plaza during this time.
- Sarah to check on possible platform for the event where performers and speakers could stand.
- Since Josh has fancy new camera he will be our photographer for the event (hope this is okay with you Josh).
- Press for the event - we didn't speak a lot about this but was wondering if anyone had press contacts (Ron?) we can let know about the event. If needed William can draft a quick press release.
- Group agreed that another meeting may be needed before event to finalize plan.

Download link for PDF of flyer - please print and hang where you can!

Tree lighting fund raising initiative

- It was discussed that the tree lighting would be a great time to fund raise. Using Jackie Robinson model, the group do mailing to area zip codes for donations toward tree lighting and donor gets a personalized ornament.
- Sarah has said Partnership for Parks graphic designer is busy. William volunteered graphic layout of mailing.
- Risa brought examples of laminated round tags that are weather-proof. The group agreed on the round 3 inch diameter tag for ornament use. She will investigate whether we can order various colors.

Hamilton Grange Meeting

- Sarah let the group know that a representative from the National Parks Service will be presenting plans for the Hamilton Grange at the next operations meeting. She has asked the Friends to announce this to their group. [UPDATE] - Sarah has informed the group that perhaps there should be another venue for a larger presentation to the Friends group. Risa and William will determine after presentation at Operations meeting.

- Risa has stated that Steve Simon asked her to delay reaching out to come of the contractors involved. The group will be able to get info from the National Parks Service at their presentation at the operations meeting.

- Risa will be in charge of requesting materials and information about the move for the Friends. William will post on website in special section and keep group informed of meeting via e-mails, etc.

Other Notes

-Judy William said she was involved in a senior group who does outreach for the community and is active in trying to keep the area clean etc.Risa proposed having Harv's kids worked with this group as a mentoring pair where they can help out, etc.

- Friends to follow-up with Commissioner on meeting that Harv, Risa and Ron attended with Commissioner. Finding a solution to an area where Harv's kids can go that they can call their own.

Next Friends Meeting

- The next Friends meeting is scheduled for December 11th from 7pm-9pm. Ron confirmed that use of the church should not be a problem.

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