Sunday, November 04, 2007

Coffee helps warm the chills at November's Bark

Fall finally arrived and it was felt by everyone yesterday. Luckily the Coffee Bark had some warm coffee donated by Mike Tosi and Shawn Milligan and some donuts from the group as well. Jason - "Scooby's Daddy" - provided some nourishment to the group by bringing some homemade chocolate cake in the shape of doggy poo logs (hilarious!). Needless to say, we certainly cleaned them up! Some new dogs and their "parents" were also welcomed by the group yesterday.

Our next Coffee Bark is scheduled for Saturday, December 1st. Hope to see everyone there! Below are some more photos of the event. Good luck to Rosie (Mel's Mom) who is due to give birth any day now! And good luck to one of St. Nick Dog Run's founders Shawn Milligan, who leaves us in a few weeks for Seattle. We will greatly miss him and his dog Axel!

Rosie (Mel's Mommie) poses with Christine (left) and shows off her little baby belly. We all wish Rosie (and Palo) a healthy delivery and look forward to meeting the baby!

A long shot from the Run's picnic table.

Shawn Milligan (left) poses with William Mullin. Yesterday was Shawn's last Coffee Bark before moving to Seattle. Good luck Shawn!

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