Monday, January 15, 2007

St. Nick's Dog Park
Woodchip Workday Jan 21st!

Friends of St. Nicholas Park will be having a Woodchip Workday next weekend on Sunday, January 21st from 11am-2pm. Sunday was chosen because it seems like the warmer of the 2 weekend days and there is supposed to be lots of wind on Saturday (not a great idea when trying to spread woodchips). Scott Farr the gardener will be providing tools for us to move the woodchip piles and spread them over the ground inside the large dog run.

Of course, the area of the dog run is pretty immense and a few piles of woodchips will hardly do the job, but it is a start. Below is a photo of some debris we hope to turn into woodchips for the run is ever forestry's chipper is fixed and can come up here. One photo is of the debris that the volunteers from the neighborhood helped remove during the original construction of the Dog Park back in December.

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