Wednesday, December 31, 2008

St. Nicks Dog Run: Happy 2009 - Coffee Bark to continue in Spring - Tips for Winter

Happy New Year's! The Friends want to thank the St. Nick's Dog Run community in helping keep our dog run one of the best in the city. Our popular St. Nick's Dog Run Coffee Barks will continue in the Spring. Look out for our emails announcing the first one for 2009!
During the winter, fewer dogs and owners may use the dog run but it still sees a lot of action. Below are some tips for what you can do to help us maintain our beautiful dog run.

Help keep the dog run clean and neat by:

- Bringing extra poop bags to fill our dispensers.

- Picking up trash (even if it's not yours).

- Picking up poop (even if it's not your dog's).

- Picking up stray cigarette butts.

- Picking up glass whenever you see it

- Volunteer on a Clean-up Day. (we always send out notices when we schedule them). Email us at if you like to be added to our list.

- Respect the rules of the Dog Run and work with other members of this great dog- owning community.

Contribute financially to support ongoing maintenance as well as future improvements to the dog run.

* TO DONATE to St. Nick's Dog Run:

Step 1: Write a check made out to: City Parks Foundation

In the memo of the check be sure to write "Friends of St. Nicholas Park"

Step 2: Mail the check with a cover letter describing your donation to St. Nicholas Park to:

Friends Of St. Nicholas Park
P.O. Box 195
New York, NY 10030

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