Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hamilton Grange Move In Jeopardy - PLEASE SIGN PETITION

Dear Friends,

The Friends of St. Nicholas Park is excited about the upcoming move of the Hamilton Grange into our park. Unfortunately, a group of individuals want to stop the move and even the funding because they say that the orientation of house in the proposed plan is not historical.

If the move is halted, federal funding may stop and our beloved park will be left with a huge hole in the ground and the Grange remains shoved between two buildings on Convent Ave. There is a petition you can sign to show your support and let Community Board 9 know that the community supports the move as is. A meeting is schedule at Community Board 9 for this Thursday.

Please show your support and sign the petition to move the Hamilton Grange into St. Nicholas Park!

The website below has more info and background on the move. http://www.supportthegrange.com/

Thank you,

Friends of St. Nicholas Park


Nick said...

I posted the link for the petition on my blogspot.


Please follow the link and sign the petition so Alexander Hamilton's Grange can be moved to St. Nicholas Park.

A group of vociferous individuals are trying to stop the move and relegate the Grange to the horrible space that it has been in for the past 100 years!

Your signature is important! Act immediately!


Nick said...

I have been emailing the link to the petition to many of my friends.
See my letter to The Bank of New York at my blogspot which I forwarded on to the NPS (all rights reserved). Maybe the BNY will help out with the move and the restoration!


Nick said...

I received a response from a Mr. Heines at The Bank of New York, thanking me for the letter about saving The Hamilton Grange. He claimed that he would pass my letter on to others within the Bank, but I haven't heard anything else!
I also sent a hard copy of my letter to him, which, I believe merits a hard copy response! I will let everyone know if I receive one, and I will post it!
What is the status of the move? Can anyone give us an update as to how the petition signing is going? Is it successful? Is the NPS continuing construction of the foundation? We are sort of left in the dark about this? Did these creepy individuals file a law suit to stop it? What's up everyone? Please post an update!!