Sunday, March 02, 2008

Coffee Bark Returns with Spring in the Air!

On Sunday, about 20-30 dog owners came out and enjoyed the nearly Spring temps and sunshine at the St. Nick's Dog Run. It was our first Coffee Bark since December and our community was looking forward to spring and welcoming the month of March. We had more donuts and coffee than ever! We even had some donuts with green sprinkles celebrating the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday! (Thanks Josh!).

Special Thanks to Julia and Vaneik (Kioko), Mike and Diva (Basil), Phil (Guffman), Jehanne, Corey and Darius, and Josh (Kansas).

Below are more photos of today's event. If you are interested in volunteering or helping out at next month's Coffee Bark, please contact us at

Phil getting ready to throw a stick for Guffman and Jax

Enjoying the refreshments and socializing at the Bark!

Coffee was a huge hit during the sunny, yet chilly day.

Matt and Jax pose for the camera

Julia with Uptown Vets Doctor Ina Obernesser

Lots of action near the Coffee Bark Donut table!

A great view of the beautiful A. Philip Randolf High School.

The entrance to the dog run with Guffman looking for more friends!

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