Monday, July 30, 2007

Hundreds come out to St. Nicholas Park to enjoy Historic Harlem Parks Film Festival

An estimated 600 people came to St. Nicholas Park for the two night Historic Harlem Parks Film Festival. The weather could not have been better for the event nor could the entertainment which included Seneglese Sabar Drummers and Dancers and authentic South African food which was served. Below are photographs.

The Friends would like to thank their member Risa Rottenberg for producing yet another successful film festival. Risa volunteers her time along with other Harlem Park volunteers to put on what is considered the highlight of the Historic Harlem Parks summer season.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Historic Harlem Parks Film Festival in St. Nicholas Park please email us at and we will send you information about how to get involved in this and other events we produce in the park every year.

This week the Film Festival will be in Jackie Robinson Park. Click here to view films and location information.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting this event on. I look foward every year to come to St. Nick and enjoy the independent films. Can't wait until next year.