Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hike the Heights 3: Giraffe Path June 16th

Saturday, June 16th: THE GIRAFFES ARE COMING!

Join us on a city safari from St. Nicholas Park to Highbridge Park. This will be about 2 miles of easy-paced hiking, plus some short staircases, and one long one--110 steps--at 155th street. Dozens of Giraffes made by local kids will mark the way.

Start @ 10:00 AM: Welcome, gathering, and sign-in at the picnic tables located at 141st street and St. Nicholas Ave, where we'll have refreshments and thank you gifts.

Hike @ 10:30 AM: We'll hike through the park, and along tree-lined streets to Jackie Robinson Park We'll pause briefly at a local landmark and the park and continue to Highbridge Park.

Arrive @ 11:30: We’ll join other hikers at the Highbridge Recreation Center/Water Tower for music, yoga, Pilates, games, crafts and activities for kids, off-the beaten path hiking, great food and more.

Safe and fun: This hiking safari will be led by certified fitness instructors and a park ranger, and may include some surprises!

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