Thursday, June 28, 2007

Keeping our dogs healthy

Fellow dog owners,
After hearing of dogs becoming sick, I wanted to get
to the source of what is possibly causing this. After
consulting with several other dog parks who use wood
chips, they (the wood chips) are not the cause of the problem.
Unfortunately, the probable cause is the water
dish and standing water in it. Since we do not
have running water, the water bowl will be removed.
Please bring your own water receptacle as well as
water. We are not scheduled to get a waterline until
2008...but with all parks projects, please don't hold
me to it...we are at the mercy of the capital projects
of the Parks Department.
Also, another probable cause is dog waste. Everyone
has been doing a great job picking up their pets
waste, I hope garbage pick up will be a more constant
Please note that diseases like Coccidia and Giardia
are commonly spread in the dog population like the flu
virus. Younger dogs will tend to fight this off and
build immunity to it. Older ones who have a stronger
immune system fight it off naturally. It's commonly
spread by fecal matter. Using lyme to sanitize the
run really doesn't prevent this. Certain dog parks
turn the soil on a yearly basis...the PH balance in
the soil will naturally kill any bacteria. Since our
run is on a slope, we certainly don't need to worry
about standing water.
Please continue to be diligent in picking up after
your dogs and pointing out when others aren't paying
attention to pick up after their dogs. Please let's
keep our dog park looking nice and try to do all we
can to help keep our pets safe and healthy.
Also, since I am on the subject of dog is
advised to wash and clean your dogs food and water
bowls at home as well...after all don't we all wash
our dishes we eat off of?? I'm sure our pets deserve
the best treatment we can provide them.
Best always,
Shawn & Axel

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