Saturday, April 21, 2007

Last week's storm takes toll on Park

Last week's record rain storm which produced up to almost 9 inches of rain in NYC took its toll on our beloved Harlem park. The storm triggered a mudslide (or landslide) on the east bank near 134th street. Fortunately no one was injured. The landslide carved a huge gash on the side of the park along the staircase at 134th street. Park crew has cleaned up the majority of the dirt from the slide, which spilled over the pathway and into a playground below. The upper path area near the mudslide has been closed off. Please be careful when visiting the area and keep away from the edge which remains tenuous. Pictures of the area are below.

The mudslide caused by last week's storm

The fenced off area on the upper path

The storm also hollowed out a prior sink hole which had recently been filled in by the Park's Department. The poor drainage in the area has been noted and the Friends of St. Nicholas Park is requesting that the drainage be addressed during the 2007 Capital Project for the Upper Path renovation (between 132nd and 135th) slated to begin in the fall. Photos of the sink hole follow.

The giant sink hole located near the top of the 135th street staircase

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