Sunday, April 22, 2007

April Commissioner Monthly Meeting Minutes


Date: 4/12/07
Location: City College

Off Leash Hours
-Discussion about making 9pm-9am off-leash rule for dogs in city parks formal. (Updated law is outlined in PDF attachment (Off Leash Law022.pdf) found on the group site at:

-Official Rule Takes affect May 10th
-Does not apply in areas near Dog Runs
-Commissioner wants feedback from Friends group about off-leash parameters for the North and South end of the Park.
-All dogs must be licensed
-Signage will be posted to indicate off-leash and on-leash areas.

Capital Projects
-Received Capital Projects map in PDF. Friends to post on website.
-Paul Evans, Park Manager in constant communication with DOT about light outages throughout the park.
-Park users encouraged to call 311 with pole numbers of lights out
-Recent sink hole and drainage problems will be added to Capital projects for Upper Path in 2007.

-How can we get other groups to participate in the park?
-Commissioner encouraged Partnerships for Parks to reach out to local church groups and hold a meeting.

Manager’s Report
-Fun in the Park Day on May 16 involves area schools.
Yoga, rugby, planting projects, Ranger’s nature walks, tennis, basketball drills and free t- shirts
-Ages of students in attendance are grade 5-8
-Damaged bulletin boards near 141st street will be replaced/fixed by the beginning of May

Film Programs
-In addition to the yearly film festival in the Harlem Parks, Image Films and Bloom Entertainment have submitted several film permit events
-It was decided that they should shorten their programs, but Paul will work with them on this.
-No vendors will be permitted at the films
-Bloom Entertainment wants to do some programming in the Park.
Paul gave Friend’s their contact info.

-They have been cracking down on K-9 waste
-People are encouraged to call 311 and report dog owners who habitually neglect to clean up after their dog.

Police report from Captain Flood
-There was a robbery pattern in the park
-Groups of young kids between 12-18 taking people’s phones
-No one has been apprehended
-“Eye in the sky” is being added to the 135th street terrace to monitor from above.

City College Report
-Launching safety campaign
-Got feedback from group on informative posters
-Commissioner would like to see the Friends start a chapter with City College
-Contact with Karen Witherspoon is encouraged to help form chapter.

Partnership for Parks Report
-May 19th It’s My Park Day
-Partnerships encouraging City College to participate
-Friends have submitted application. Activities to include cleaning up around the dog run as well painting the iron fence on the terrace.
-City Garden Club to publish a tree guide on May 18th.

Friends Report
-Still waiting on Dog Run signage from Paul Evans. Paul said they have been ordered but there has been confusion as to the number of signs requested, etc.
-Lights becoming dangerous in Dog Run. Need permanent fix. UPDATE - Parks has temporarily fixed the low hanging wires causing worry among dog run users.
-Contractor has had lots of problems securing a permit from the Parks permit department in order to commence building the permanent corral.

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