Thursday, February 08, 2007

More Woodchips for the Dog Run!

Today on my way to the dog run with Guffman, I was greeted by a few trucks and a woodchipper from the Central Park Conservancy. We had been trying to get the Department of Forestry to chip this wood debris since last December when the Dog Park was constructed. Unfortunately we were told that Forestry had only one chipper working and they were backed up. We waited and waited and even held a woodchip workday, since the Park Department did deliver a nice pile of chipped Christmas Trees from the Mulchfest (that has continued to freshen up the dog run aroma).

The chips produced from today's mulching will be lots for the dog park. we will schedule a another Woodchip Workday on a weekend day soon when the weather is a little warmer.

Here's to these guys (pictured above), who worked through the cold to make sure the wood was chipped and piled near our entrance to the run. Thanks Guys!

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Anonymous said...

I saw these guys today. we are so excited about the run. My 2 dogs love woodchips and the smell is also great in the run. Thank you!