Thursday, February 08, 2007

Let There Be Lights (in the Dog Run)!

After a few weeks of emails and effort on behalf of the Friends member Julia Granacki, the St. Nick's Dog Park has working lights. There were 3-4 light poles that were not working in the Dog Park that the DOT (Department of Transportation) and Parks eventually fixed (earlier this week) by tapping a working pole and extending the electricity from pole to pole via external wires. Of course, we hope this is a temporary fix since it does look like something you'd want to hang your clothes up on to dry.

The Friends of St. Nicholas Park is happy that the lights work at all, since during these winter months it can be pitch dark by the time Harlem residents come home to walk their dogs.

Hopefully soon the Park Department, Department of Transportation and the Friends of St. Nicholas Park will be able to develop a permanent fix to the poles so the Dog Park can be enjoyed in the evening hours.

A special thanks to Paul Evans, Park Manager, for his effort in helping get the lighting poles repaired.

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