Monday, July 21, 2008


Please join the Friends of St. Nicholas Park for our 7th Annual Historic Harlem Parks Film Festival. I had a great time attending last year! I met up with some friends and brought a blanket, some take out food and my dog. We had fun and I'm sure this year will be no exception.

The first film plays this Wednesday July 23rd at 8:00pm. It is a short film program with documentaries "made by real New Yorkers, about real New Yorkers. These films tell the true stories of the people that make everything happen in this, the greatest city on earth. It's your city, take a look."

Then, on Thursday July 24th at 8pm check out Hip Hop Revolution. This is "an exploration of the lives of a generation so touched by this genre and its culture that they are inspired to question, survive and conquer an unjust political system. Through the struggles of DJs, B-Boys, MCs and creative graffiti artists."

Both films have live performances before hand and all take place at the 135th Street plaza in St. Nicholas Park. Be sure to grab a piece of grass and check it out!

For more information, including rain venues and other films in other Historic Harlem Parks, click on the Blog tittle to be taken to the main website.

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