Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hands On New York Helps Spruce up St. Nicholas Park

Yesterday, over 70 volunteers came to St. Nicholas Park and helped rake leaves, paint the 135th street staircase railings, paint the St. Nicholas terrace fencing, spread woodchips in St. Nick's Dog Run and other projects. The park looks great. Along with some members of the Friends of St. Nicholas Park, the volunteers were able to ready the park for Summer.

Special thanks to all the teams and corporations represented yesterday during the successful "Hands On New York" Day. A special thanks to Linda LaCornista who organized the day on St. Nicholas Park. Below is a link to the photos from yesterday.

If anyone is interested in New York Cares or participating at the next Hands On New York day, see the link below.

Thank you for all the Friends who came out and helped.

Friends of St. Nicholas Park

New York Cares

Photos from Hands On New York in St. Nicholas Park

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