Saturday, February 02, 2008

Notes from Hamilton Grange Working Group

Dear Friends,

Below are notes from the January 24th meeting of the Friends of St. Nicholas Park Hamilton Grange Working Group. The purpose of the working group is to keep community appraised and involved in the relocation of the Grange. If you are interested in joining our next meeting it is next Thursday, February 7th at 7pm at St. Mark's United Methodist Church. If you have any questions you can contact us at

Part 1 - Meeting Goals

  • Make sure we are covering all avenues to keep community appraised and involved in the relocation of the Grange.

  • Make the move itself an event. This is a very important happening for the National Park Service so we need to generate as much local and national press as possible.

Part 2 – Update from National Park Service

  • RFP (Request for Proposal) has been submitted to contractor for subcontract and management of Integrated Pest Management Plan to address anticipated pest problem

  • The Alexander Hamilton statue is not included in contract to relocate grange to St. Nicolas Park. RFP has been submitted to contractor to get idea of what it would cost and entail to move it. Can we find a construction company who will do this pro bono?

Part 3 - Outreach to the Community

  • Two signs are being fabricated to be hung at construction site in St. Nicholas Park advising plans for the grange. A suggestion was made that one sign be hung at entrance to St Nicholas Park so someone who is entering park can review the information. Risa and Darren will be following up separately to discuss exact location.

  • Email updates are being sent via Hamilton Grange website about the move. All meeting attendees will be included in future mailings.

  • Leaflets are up on Convent Avenue area. Any future updates to community will be directed through William Mullin of the Friends of St. Nicholas Park. Flyers should also be put in bulletin boards around the park.

  • All future leaflet updates should be in both English and Spanish.

  • Schedule a separate meeting with residents of Convent Avenue and Hamilton Terrace to discuss logistics of relocation. Give 2 week lead-time for scheduling meeting

  • There should be a hard copy mailing to community detailing street closures and parking rules during move.

  • Liaison with CCNY architectural department so they are aware of the move.

  • Give information to principals of local schools so they can create a field trip for students. Ron and Winston will work on getting a listing of schools in area.

See if park rangers can go to schools to give a briefing on history of Grange and the relocation.

If they can’t make personal appearance can they supply a video that would give background on Alexander Hamilton and the Grange.

  • Local Churches should receive a separate letter so ministers can advise parishioners during services and/or include updates in bulletins. Ron will put together contact info for local churches.

Part 4 – Media Pitch Ideas

  • Lecture series leading up to the event.

  • Contact Ron Chernow – recent biographer of Alexander Hamilton

  • Contact association of NYS Historians – Brad will work on this

  • Bring in stands for viewing the move

  • History channel recently did a bio on Hamilton. Can we get them involved?

  • Other TV outlets; Discovery channel, HGTV, This Old House DIY etc

  • Can we use Columbia University publicity dept.?

  • Involve Columbia University faculty

  • Arrange lectures in different parks

  • Involve Bank of New York. Hamilton was the bank’s founder.

Next Meeting – Scheduled for February 7th at 7 pm at St Marks church

  • Invite following:

Block Associations

Pat Jones- Chairman, CB9

Jolinda Ruth Cogen, Precinct Community Commission

Keith Wright

Bill Perkins

Separate Meeting required to choreograph the relocation day. Meeting will be scheduled once actual date is confirmed.

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