Thursday, September 06, 2007

Anna a "new Mommy" with Linnea

Anna Pettersson who had lost her dog Olive in a tragic event a few months ago writes in with a happy update on how she is doing. Below are photos of the new addition in her life.

"I wanted to send a greeting to the group. It’s been a while since Olive passed, and while I have meant to stop by to say hello and thanks to everybody for their kind attentions, it was hard for a long time to venture back to the stomping grounds.

I would like to share that I was “rescued” a couple of weeks back, by a tiny pup from the ASPCA. Her name is Linnea and I find it impossible not to smile when she’s around. I enclose a first set of pictures and look forward to getting reacquainted as soon as she has all of her shots taken care of.

Many many thanks, again, for all the support you and the group provided during the hard times. Hope to see you in October!"




Anonymous said...

I am so happy to read such a happy story. This pup will continue to help Ana's healing process and we hope to see her back in the run soon. All the best Ana!

Anonymous said...

I was very sad about Ana losing Olive and although Olive can never be replaced the new little lady is simply delicious! What breed is she?

Anonymous said...

Response from Anna:

Little Linnea is a mix. Likely lab, pitbull and a few other things. Was the littlest girl in her litter but is growing something fierce.

And we'll be back in the run soon. Linnea can't wait for her first real romp.