Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hamilton Grange move update

Just wanted to pass along some new information about the Hamilton Grange's inevitable move into St. Nicholas Park. I spoke with John Shiner with Rep. Charles Rangle's office, he told me the money has been approved and hope to get it moved this year! The monies for this project where actually secured in 2006 for this project, but the grange was not put into the actual projects. But the Ways and Means committee, which Rep. Rangle chairs, has backtracked and since the funds have already been allocated in 2006, the money will be coming.
This is very exciting news for St. Nicholas Park. Once the grange is moved into St. Nicholas Park, our park will certainly take it's place as a must see attraction.
With the hard restoration work that has occured over that past number of years, we are that much more ahead of the game in making St. Nicholas Park a safe a beautiful park to visit and enjoy!


Kristian said...

Does anyone know exactly where the Hamilton Grange Monument will be located in the park? I now understand that they will be moving the entire house into the park. Will it be in the Greenway, along 135th Street, or elsewhere in the park? In either case, I think this is great news that will help to beautify our park and make it one of the many great attractions in NYC.

William_Guffman said...

The Hamilton Grange will eventually be placed on the land right on 141st street. The house will reside on the hill overlooking St. Nicholas Avenue. Hopefully we will be able to get more renderings and drawings soon.

D. said...

This is right on time! I was up there recently and wondering what the heck was going on. By the way, Nicholette is doing great! Pics posted to