Sunday, June 25, 2006

Welcome to the St. Nicholas Park Blog

We'll try to keep up with the daily happenings in the park. If you have something we should post here, please send an email to


Anonymous said...

My husband and I walked through the park yesterday and we were so excited to see the new dog run- we don't even have a dog, but we were so happy to see so many people outside with their dogs, enjoying the park! Thank you to all people who worked on this project.

William_Guffman said...

I am glad people are appreciating the important asset a Dog Run is to a Park. It brings people to a park all year round at all hours and serves as a kind of neighborhood watch for the area.

Just so you know, the people responsible were a combined effort of the Friends of St. Nicholas Park, the City Parks Foundation and the New York City Parks Department.

Spread the word about the run to everyone you know. Hopefully inthe next couple of weeks we will install a permanent entrance gated corral and complete our small dog run.

Shawn said...

WOW!! My first blog!! Very cool idea William!
What a great first response!! Certainly makes our efforts feel all the more!
I have Scott keeping on top of the wood chip need. I'll see if Becky can laminate some flyers for us. (if so, she can drop them off at your apt.)
We are certainly off to a positive start!!!